Crushed Stone Driveways – Construction Steps, Advantages and Installing Cost

Crushed Stone Driveway

The traditional materials used for driveways have been concrete and asphalt but these are now getting replaced with crushed stone. The reason is availability of crushed stone in wide ranging colors and textures which go to create an entirely natural looking front drive that compliments the features of the rest of the house.

If you are thinking on the lines of installing crushed stone driveway, you’ll find the information offered here of great help in making a final decision.

Benefits of Crushed Stone Driveway

One important factor that motivates homeowners to opt for crushed stone driveway is that it adds to the natural beauty of their property. Apart from being very versatile, installation of crushed stone driveway is affordable. Moreover, the driveway lasts for a long time when proper techniques are used for its construction and maintenance. It is not at the risk of getting cracked or damaged due extreme changes in weather and needs simple inexpensive maintenance. Plus these driveways provide an excellent drainage system.

crushed stone driveway
crushed stone driveway

Selecting & Procuring Crushed Stone

While selecting crushed stone for your driveway, you need to consider its overall color and associated features of the rock as these would eventually influence the look of your drive. It is worth spending time looking for a stone supplier offering a wide variety of crushed stones enabling you to get the most appropriate stone for your driveway.

Steps for Installation of Crushed Stone Driveway

  1. Measure and mark the area of the driveway. Mark its boundaries by hammering stakes into the ground. Knot a string from stake to stake to outline a guideline.
  2. Within the guideline, dig earth to a depth of eight inches.
  3. Pack the base of the excavated area and compact the soil tightly to create a solid base for crushed stone.
  4. Cover the excavated area with two inches of sand. Sand should be spread uniformly with the back of a metal rake so that it is practically leveled.
  5. Next, cover the top of sand with 5 inches of medium grade crushed stone. You need to level crushed stone. You may do this by dragging a heavy wooden board that will level out the high spots. Following this, you’ll fill up the gaps, if any.
  6. Finally, pour one inch of crushed stone of fine grade so that the gaps between stones are filled up.
  7. Thoroughly wet the driveway with a garden hose else wait for heavy rainfall. Water helps moving stone into air pockets and tightens the structure.
  8. Compress the surface of driveway. Additional crushed stone of fine grade may be necessary after compacting to bring the driveway to the desired level.

An important tip

Usually, it becomes necessary to add more fine-grade crushed stone after two to three months and quite a few rainfalls as the driveway continues to settle.

Costing of Crushed Stone Driveway Installation

The total cost of installing crushed stone concrete driveway would depend on a number of factors. The most significant factor is naturally the volume of stone required for the purpose. This you can calculate by multiplying the length, breadth and depth of the driveway. You should take consideration of the kind of stone you intend using. You’ll find that locally produced crushed stone works out economical than other options. It is less expensive to buy from a direct supplier of stone having its own quarry than buying it from a retailer. Also, don’t forget to include the cost of getting it delivered to your place and do take into account rental of any machine that you may need to hire.

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