Difference Between Copper Pipe and PVC Pipe

Copper is an extremely ductile and malleable element and pipes made of copper are much in use for the same reason.

copper pipe fitting
copper pipe fitting

PVC or poly-vinyl chloride is a synthetic plastic polymer and PVC pipes are referred to those pipes made out of synthetic plastic.

PVC pipe fitting
PVC pipe fitting

Copper vs PVC

The table below illustrates the differences between copper pipes and PVC pipes:

Copper pipes

PVC Pipe

  • Copper is a metallic element and is immensely malleable and ductile and hence finds easy application for pipelining purposes.
  • Poly-vinyl chloride being a polymer for synthetic plastic is such a strong element that it is liked by several users for their pipelining purposes.
  • Preferred among general masses even though incase of corrosion along the pipeline the copper if mixed with water might be a potential health risk.
  • Since it’s a synthetic it is not much preferred and the chemicals that is used in the production of PVC if found even in minute traces can be fatal.
  • This pipelining has a small internal diameter which makes it easy for it to fit into even small places.
  • The internal diameter is much bigger as compared to the former making it unfit for smaller narrow places.
  • Copper pipes are labor intensive to install and may leave a metallic taste in the water.
  • PVC pipes are not easy to install and if manhandled can crack and lead to loss.
  • Noisy, depends on the velocity of the water that is passing through and also maybe expensive.
  • Less noisy and less expensive as compared to copper piping.

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