Concrete Bleeding | Causes, Problems and Remedies

Concrete bleeding is defined as the appearance of water on the surface of concrete after it has consolidated but before it is set. This is a type of segregation where water appears at the concrete surface after placing and compacting, but before it is set. Water may also form a film under aggregate and reinforcing bar. Some bleeding is useful for finishing operations and to reduce plastic shrinkage cracking.

Problems due to Concrete Bleeding

Concrete bleeding can cause problems including the followings.

  • It can delay in finishing.
  • Bleeding of concrete can cause high water-cement ratio at the top.
  • It will result in poor bond between two layers.
  • It can result in poor pump ability.

Concrete Bleeding Causes

Bleeding of concrete occurs due to the causes stated below.

  • The lack of fines,
  • Too much water content in the mix.

Bleeding Remedies

Remedies for bleeding of concrete are as follows.

  • More fines,
  • Adjust grading,
  • Entrained air,
  • Reduce water content.

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