5 Best Construction Project Management Software

Information technology has conquered the whole world and every niche of business. There is no surprise to see innumerable construction management programs coming up in the market. These software can provide great support for the contractors and come with modules for financial accounting as well as other functions in the operational area of the contractors. These can also help the contractors in lowering the costs of operations, making excellent decisions with the help of the updated and accurate financial information and also in tracking jobs. Here comes the 5 popular contruction project management software list that are available in this genre.

1. ACONEX – This is the most popular platform available in the niche of construction project management. It has all the features involved in it that are capable of improving the way the project is executed. All the members involved in a project can make use of this software and can track as well as manage all the information that are associated with it. This platform also has got the capability of working well along with another software. This property makes ACONEX more suitable to be used with any business. Most of the construction companies have started making use of this software as it is capable of providing the best management. It is totally web-based, and there is no need for the installation of software or purchase of hardware. All the information related with the company can be easily available online in a secured manner without regard to the place where companies are operating.

2. ACE SYNC – Collaboration Software – It is also web based and has a good focus on the transparency of the information and features the central – document repository. This can allow numerous participants of the project to view as well as track information that are related to project from invoices that are available to the CAD drawings. The system can reduce redundancies and errors that can occur with the data management.

3. EADOC – It is also an application that is web-based and also capable of dealing with the information that are related with the project. All the members can have access to the platform, and any member can easily and quickly upload larger files on it that include drawings and photos. This is a system that can be easily customized.

4. PROCORE – This construction management software is also a web based and has all ability for managing numerous projects through mobile device or laptop. It has got features for  managing and tracking information that include submittals and contracts. The members in a project can easily access the photos and documents that are uploaded in the software. This software that has undergone so much of enhancements throughout the years.

5. SKIRE UNIFIER – It is a construction management program that can be easily accessed through any of the web browser. It consists of so many modules that are designed for tackling various things associated with the project from document tracking and schedule management.

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