What is Agate Slab and Application of Agate Slabs

Agate slabs are formed out of pigments of banded chalcedony of the Quartz family.  Agate slabs are very popular in exotic construction work as it represents a matchless standard of elegance and sophistication. The agate mineral was first found in Sicily from the Achetes River. The slabs have the appearance of band stripes, layers with specks of different colors in them. Agate is considered as one of the most beautiful and rare natural stones. It is also one of the most versatile and elegant stones used for construction work. Given its gentle texture and exquisite nature agate slabs are regarded in the luxury category for construction work.

agate slab
agate slab

Applications of agate slabs

Spaces decorated with agate slabs have a distinctive quality of brightness and colorful luster. The stone is softer compared to other natural stones like marble and granite used in slab work. Due to its lustrous mirror like surface and changeable veins the stone slab needs extra care in maintenance and up-keeping. As agate slabs are more lightweight compared with other granite, marble plates they can be installed in many creative applications.

Agate slabs are typically used in upscale hospitality construction projects, in private hospitals, and in modern, luxurious homes for bathrooms and kitchen countertops. They are selected for the amazingly unique colors and patterns. In modern structures agate slabs are used as a wall cladding with parts of the slabs divided into manageable sizes. To add more sophistication and elegance the slabs are affixed to the wall with grid patterned metal channels.

Its translucent quality makes agate a perfect choice for luxurious backlighting. The even distribution of light helps to increase the stone’s brightness and graceful movements. Backlit agate slabs are perfect for bars, restaurants and reception areas. Designers prefer agate slabs of granite and marble as it has a unique range of natural colors and patterns and they have an unparalleled gem like quality and the look.

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