Triaxial Test – Merits and Demerits of Triaxial Test

The triaxial test has the following merits and demerits: Merits of Triaxial Test Triaxial test has complete control over the drainage conditions. Tests can be easily conducted for all three types of drainage conditions. Pore pressure and volumetric changes are possible to be measured directly. Stress distribution is uniform on the failure plane. Another advantages is that […]

Direct Shear Test – Merits and Demerits of Direct Shear Test

The direct shear test has the following merits and demerits as compared to the triaxial compression test. Merits of direct shear test The sample preperation is easy. The test is simple and convenient. As the thickness of the sample is relatively small, the drainage is quick and the pore pressure dissipates very rapidly. Consequently, the […]

Frost Heave and Frost Line – How to Prevent Frost Action?

Frost Heave The water which migrates upward from the water table to the capillary fringe may freeze if the atmospheric temperature falls to the freezing point so that the ice get formed. This results in an increase in the volume of soil, because when water is converted into ice, there is about 9% increase in […]

Helical Piles – How To Install – Advantages – When Helical Piles Are Used

Helical piles are increasingly being used for a broad range of construction applications covering dynamic industries. They are represented by steel shafts containing a series of circular low pitched steel plates. The helical plates are welded at tactical positions on the steel shafts to provide greater tension and compression bearing capacities on the foundation. The […]

Pier and Beam Foundation – Advantages and Disadvantages

Pier and beam foundation is a popular type of foundation. As the decision to choose the foundation of your building is a big one, it must be taken after considering all the options available. There are many kinds of foundation, of which, crawl space foundation, basement foundation and slab foundation are the most popular ones. Homeowners make […]